Dodles: Finalist for the Wisconsin Innovation Awards

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The Wisconsin Innovation Award

The Wisconsin Innovation Awards (WIA) is a prestigious award that highlights and honors the development of groundbreaking ideas around the state of Wisconsin.

dodles is honored to be one of just 34 organizations selected as finalists from amongst the 357 nominations this year. A panel of 21 statewide industry experts will choose this year’s winners from amongst the likes of established leaders such as Kohler to a number of healthcare and educational providers, in addition to dodles.

dodles is remarkably innovative

Sure, we’re tooting our own horns here, but has made it a priority to attract, retain and cultivate innovators, and we believe our creativity comes through in what we’ve produced.

The macro-level innovation of dodles is that it bridges animation capabilities for the masses in a unique manner, positioning itself to greatly impact most areas of social media communication in the near future.

By combining mobile animation with an upcoming collaborative marketplace, dodles makes it practical for most anyone to communicate using their own custom animations, whether by creating their own digital assets or purchasing them from others. This in turn allows users to produce animated chat content, social media posts or memes, advertising, video clips, and tutorials.  It also opens doors for creators on the autism spectrum and really, new opportunities for anyone looking to produce and sell comic art, animations, scenes, objects, sound effects and voice clips.

Social media is an intensely competitive space filled with deep pockets and brilliant developers looking to replicate the best innovations. Because of this, dodles has built a strong foundation for its “moat” (see Warren Buffet) to protect against the future competition and to thrive.


Micro Innovations

The dodles “moat” is a number of patent-pending micro-level innovations that greatly speed up and simplify the animation process, especially targeting mobile users.

One of these inventions is our patent-pending Fingertip Animation approach.  dodles allows users to define the animation simply by moving their fingers over “time” and recording the changes in speed and motion.  Though perhaps this method seems obvious, other programs to date have required its users to define keyframes manually, either by re-drawing each frame or by moving the artwork from one keyframe position to another using a method called “tweening”.

Another invention is the patent-pending “stack” button.  This is a new UX design approach with potentially broad application that helps users navigate a number of complex screens on mobile devices, and in our application, dodles allows its users to traverse and “drill into” complex objects in a simple manner using this stack.

More on dodles

We are humbled that WIA sees the opportunity ahead for such an early stage company like dodles and recognizes our innovations to date.

dodles is currently wrapping up a successful beta program with overwhelmingly positive response and have begun rolling dodles out to the app stores in a number of smaller countries, building momentum as we head into launch for larger markets.

dodles has raised over $3 million to date, including $2 million from founder Craig Doriot. If you are curious about investing, please contact Craig Doriot by email or cell, 920.527.1142.

And be rooting for us!

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Join the fun

dodles is currently hiring:

  • Python Developer Intern
  • React / Reactive Native Intern
  • JAVA / libGDX Intern
  • Content Creation / Marketing Intern
Please send resumes to with one of the listed positions in the subject line.