Light Up The Digital Universe!

Collect and display your unique NFT crosses as an expression of your Christian faith. Join us in our calling to let our light shine in the darkness.

Express Your Faith In The New Digital Frontier

With the promise of Web 3.0 and the metaverse, we are entering into an immersive level of communication that will be practically unavoidable in the near future. Younger generations are already being raised with online realms of virtual reality, while social media is transforming to seamlessly merge with gaming, art, and marketing.

In these new realms, participants express themselves and create a community around NFT collectibles which can be seen on avatars or social media profile pictures, or even displayed in virtual galleries by purchasing virtual real estate.

Christianity & Web 3.0

As Christians involved in digital art and social media technology, we have been seeking God in prayer as to how to respond to this changing landscape. He has reminded us to be a light in the darkness, staking our ground by expressing our faith in these digital realms and allowing God to work through our acts of obedience.

Matt. 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

When we show the world our crosses, we boldly proclaim our faith across the digital universe, and unite Christians on the simple, foundational truth that we all have set our faith on Christ for salvation.

The DigiCross Collection

DigiCross consists of 10,000 unique, generative art pieces (link) based on 233 unique layers. Each piece contains 3 layers consisting of:
  • 17 backgrounds
  • 162 crosses of various colors (18) and shapes (9)
  • 54 foregrounds: 24 gemstone layers, 29 CrossWord Meditations or blank (1)

Backgrounds are all common (no rarity) while the crosses and foregrounds all are of various rarity levels.

You can purchase “wrapped” DigiCrosses below or through listings on the secondary market such as CNFT.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are just a fancy way of saying it is a unique digital file. 

Since the file has a specified owner registered on the blockchain, there can be designated a single true “owner” and accurately prove its ownership history as registered on the blockchain.

These unique files are attached to almost any type of cryptocurrency by permanently linking it from the coin’s metadata, and publishing through a process called “minting”. 

These files are usually stored in a similarly protected manner on a type of protected blockchain called IPFS.

NFTs primarily function as a collectible where you can financially support the artist, organization, or fandom you are buying into.

Collectors often use these NFTs on their social media or website profiles as social clout.

By owning an NFT, you demonstrate access to a community of other owners of that collection, which often leads to other perks. 

With Web 3.0, NFT application is rapidly expanding into in-world collectibles and access. Collectors display these NFTs in their virtual homes, businesses, and galleries, giving others a glimpse of what they are about.

Additionally, there is sometimes a prize component in unwrapping NFTs with special traits or winning coins and other attached prizes.

Unlike Web 2.0, where you can simply take a screen capture and post it to social media, in Web 3.0 you will be required to prove ownership to display most content, so NFTs will soon be a necessary reality for everyone participating.

Much like people purchase high-end cars, clothes and other physical goods to leave an impression in the physical world, people are already purchasing virtual goods to customize their characters and real estate in their favorite virtual worlds. 

These NFTs also have the advantage of being portable between virtual worlds.

Cardano is one of the most popular NFT platforms, with over 600k Cardano wallets collecting NFTs.

Ethereum jumped out as an early leader for NFT, helping the market explode in popularity, but it is losing favor rapidly due to unreasonable “gas” (transaction) fees, causing bottlenecks and escalating energy consumption. 

As a result, Cardano and Polygon are becoming incredibly popular blockchains for NFTs.

These blockchains are still young in their support for NFT apps. is using this experience and the money collected to build a more affordable and convenient NFT minting process for the Cardano chain.

Generative art is art that includes some level of computer automation, having become hugely successful in this NFT surge. Each DigiCross layer is designed uniquely but the layers are then multiplied together to get to 10,000 pieces.

Out of the 148,716 unique (1×1) combinations created, we then automatically select 10,000 final NFTs.

These collections offer you a unique design piece while helping identify you as belonging to a community of other like-minded individuals.

“Wrapped” simply means the NFT design (and therefore its final value) are hidden from the buyer, like a wrapped present or pack of sports cards. 

Once it is unwrapped, the contents are fully known and the price will reflect the demand and rarity or collectible value of the known contents.

For wrapped NFTs, the contents are yet unknown, and therefore it has an element of surprise in the opportunity to find rare features that are in demand or other prizes.

Purchase your unique DigiCross NFT below by connecting your Cardano-based wallet such as Yoroi for ₳50, which generally equates to $20 to $30 USD, depending on the current exchange rate.

The 10,000 DigiCrosses have already been created, but will be minted onto the blockchain in 3 series. No more than 10,000 will ever be produced.

The first series of 250 was minted on Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022. We will look for any gaps in our processes before launching more. 

We will then release up to 2,000 in a second batch.

Based on level of demand, we will consider whether to raise the price and produce the third and final batch.

We are not charging any royalty fees.

Royalties have become a popular method for supporting artists after the initial sale, allowing them to fully participate in the upside.

However, to increase value, we have elected to not apply royalties, thus passing all value onto the collectors and community.

As Christian technology developers, we have founded our business on the idea of putting God first in all we do by seeking His will, starting with weekly prayer meetings. The leaders of this Cross project also serve in some capacity in ministry as well.

God has been doing amazing things through, but we have also faced many conflicts with the world and need Christians to support us.

Several times, for example, we were in the process of developing partnerships or receiving funding, only for our efforts to be thwarted when potential partners took offense at the cross they saw in our company’s logo and abruptly halted conversations.

Such is the reality for Christians, as we look for the blessing of God above the approval of men.

Funds from these crosses will support the work that God has directed us to accomplish as business missionaries.

We are currently building applications that will push the boundaries of what NFTs can do, creating new utility and facilitating the ability of artists to collaborate and generate wealth with their creativity, while using technology to advance God’s Kingdom.

Our next step with funding is to launch a more affordable NFT minting process on the Cardano blockchain, that will eventually become a key component of the NFT marketplace.

We appreciate your support in this project and look forward to seeing these crosses proudly displayed on social media and in new digital worlds, and hope these crosses bless you as much as they do ourselves.

Craig Doriot


CEO @ inc

Overseer @ Wellspring

Joie Pirkey

Strategy & Marketing

President @ inc

Pastor @ Wellspring

Brian Fuller

NFT Minting System

Sr Developer @ inc

Douglas Pirkey

Crossword Meditations

Pastor @ Wellspring

Collect Your DigiCross!

Select from the following wrapped DigiCrosses and follow the payment instructions using a Cardano wallet, such as Yoroi.

You can also use exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance to purchase with US dollars, but that may not allow you to easily view your NFTs.