Meet The Guys

(In Wisconsin we call everyone guys)

Craig Doriot

Craig Doriot

Founder and CEO

Yale, Harvard, Stanford, yeah he’s important

Joie Pirkey

Joie Pirkey

Executive Vice President

Visionary with an urban edge, smarter than Chris, cuter than Craig, but not as sparkly as Randi!

Christopher Doriot

VP of Operations

Dodles resident spell checker, bouncy personality, dry humor and seriously great hair

Clint Doriot

Senior Solutions Architect

Brian Fuller

Senior Solutions Architect

Zeb Pirkey

Zeb Pirkey

Relations Manager

Lovie, loved, lovable, and loving. Building relationships with creative creators

Brodie Reuter

Software Engineer

Randi Deltour

Randi Deltour

Executive Assistant

Sparkly princess, coffee connoisseur with mean organizational skills

Hoang Nguyen

Software Developer (Intern)


Sophie Pirkey

Social Media Coordinator

Socially savvy and on the bleeding edge of current with a witty millennial hint of sarcasm

Contributors (Past & Present)

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