Our Story

With the successful sale of LoanSifter in December of 2013, Craig Doriot reached out to his friend and mentor, Joie Pirkey, and asked her to join in praying for direction for the investing of the sale proceeds.  What resulted was the first of many clear directives from God to build a social media animation app called “dodl.es” that would help especially millennials tap into their individual and collaborative creativity.

Overcoming Adversity

Craig’s fascinating “origin” story is the subject of the humorous animated adventure that is being interwoven throughout the dodl.es app.  Craig has been privileged to experience the “American Dream” in the traditional sense, overcoming the financial struggles of low means and the social struggles of autism (asperger’s) to lead a successful tech startup career spanning multiple successful ventures.

Craig has cut his teeth through great adversity: as a co-founder of Yupi, whose big IPO imploded during the dotcom bubble crash of 2000, he was left broke even though the company eventually sold to Microsoft.  He initially built LoanSifter as a subprime mortgage engine, only to launch the product immediately preceding the subprime implosion of 2007.  But he led LoanSifter through a successful pivot to the prime market that saw 26 quarters of sequential growth by its sale in 2013.

LoanSifter Lessons

Craig Doriot returned to his home state of Wisconsin in 2004, in order to start a company (LoanSifter) with investor and father-in-law, shortly after marriage to his daughter, Frederica.  They eventually added a third partner to help run the operations and took on some small outside investment as well.

A number of devastating events transpired that should have ended LoanSifter, but the company persevered to find success.  During that process, Craig was subjected to a number of great personal challenges in the face of incredible corruption, including a power play that nearly stripped him of all ownership in the very company he had founded.

But this time was also incredibly rewarding, learning to follow and trust in God for protection and vindication, while also finding great value in the gifts of his mentor, Joie Pirkey, a Christian missionary who helped him expose the corruption and overcome these challenges against all odds.

dodl.es Begins

Although Craig was reluctant to jump back into business, God began revealing His plans for dodles to Joie and to Craig, highlighting functionality and key contributors that have been coming together in this adventure as significant pieces to a large and expanding puzzle.

Over the summer of 2015, Craig and Joie finally kicked off the project by meeting a group of UX specialists in St. Louis led by Ron Strawbridge (UXPath) to devise the strategies, initial workflow, layouts, and messaging of dodles, while also meeting with interested parties and getting some user experience feedback from the market.  The response was overwhelmingly positive, confirming that dodles was on the right track.

Dodles began building its platform with the help of a local consulting company, solving the challenging back end functionality and ensuring the demanding platform could scale and perform  across iOS, Android and within web browsers. A number of cutting-edge technologies were leveraged and the major technical hurdles have been attacked head-on and completed.

Bracing for Launch

As we near beta launch, dodles has taken the technical development in-house, expanding its internal staff, especially the development team.  With Craig’s financial ability to fund the project nearing the end, dodles is taking its story to the public, in expectations that a solid crowdfunding campaign will raise excitement and the resources that will help carry dodles through an awesome beta experience.

When you create freely, undaunted by shame, people can see your soul.

Your soul is created in the image of God, so when you express yourself freely, in your own creative way, people see God.

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