dodles is a social media universe…

Explore, posts, loves, comments
Profiles, followers, chat
Text or drawn responses
Post to Instagram, Twitter, email
Android / iOS / Web Browser

..For Designing Digital Art..

Pens, Pencils, Markers
Photo Editing & Filters
Color Palettes

..Animating Quickly..

“Canimations” make animation Easy
Skeleton Brings Characters to Life
Swap In Pre-Built Scenes
Revolutionary Approach to Timelines
Fully Interact with Animations

..And Combining with Others’ Content..

Use Public Characters, Scenes, Music
Quick License Others’ Content
Profit by Licensing Your Content
Protects Your Intellectual Property
Shared Projects

..To Produce Amazing Creations!

Animated Comic Books
Social Memes
Digital Marketing
Video Games

Express Yourself Freely

When you create freely, undaunted by shame, people can see your soul.

Your soul is created in the image of God, so when you express yourself freely, in your own creative way, people see God.

Successfully Funded!

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