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Autism Awareness

At dodles, we believe in the intrinsic value of every single individual, from the unborn child who cannot speak to the most elderly person who has lost their memory.  From the privileged and wealthy to the poorest orphans in third world countries.  From the most capable to the most handicapped. Everyone has value because of God’s image placed on mankind and the unique talents and abilities they have to contribute.

One particular group of individuals that dodles wants to highlight with “awareness” is those struggling with autism.  As more are diagnosed as being “on the spectrum”, science increases its understanding of the neurology of autism and society also develops its understanding of how to mitigate its challenges.

Many brilliant and talented creative people with autism struggle to function as “normal” socially, because of how they are wired.  Despite their incredible talents, they are often relegated to very menial jobs (if any) as a result of their social awkwardness and the difficulty of perceiving and extracting their value.

As a result, we believe there is a relatively untapped, brilliant autistic workforce that needs to be cultivated to push creativity and innovation even further.  We see dodles as a platform that can help those struggling with the inherent challenges of autism.  Free from the outside sensory and social pressures, the autistic person is able to create freely and turn their hyper-focus into elaborate creative masterpieces, gaining a sense of value (and perhaps income) in the process.

Within the dodles staff, our Chief Executive Officer (Craig Doriot) and Chief Innovation Officer (Paul Klemstine) are both diagnosed with Aspergers (High Functioning Autism), in addition to tester Jacob Christopherson. As part of raising awareness, we will also be seeking to hire, develop & transact business with those struggling with autism.

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