Created To Create

A Strong Foundation Since 2014

Craig doriot sold loansifter in Dec ’13
$2MM SALE Proceeds (since 2014) are being used to fund Dodles (88% ownership by Craig)
key employees are eVP Joie Pirkey, VP of business development Christopher Doriot, and CTO Paul klemstine.
Balance of the company includes business development, creative development and social Media.
Key partners include omni Resources (appleton, WI), UXpath (st louis, MO), Chapa Design (Madison, WI), and scattered independent professional designers.

A Digital Universe For Creative Content

Social community built around innovative technology designed to meet the growing demand for more engaging content.
New forms of communication across all social platforms using animation and interactive content.
Taps into everyone’s personal form of creativity while empowering unprecedented collaboration
Features humorous animated history to bring millennials personal connection to company through our high & lows.

Evolution Of Social media

Text-based Chat and community forums.
Later, photo sharing and expressive stickers and memes and videos.
Social Media networks that connect individuals and distribute content to followers.

A Digital Universe For Creative Content

Powerful, free mobile creative suite.
Post richer, more engaging content to dodles, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Despite the increasing heavy demand within social platforms, no quality rival exists for building custom animation or interactivity.
Patent-pending simplification of the animation process makes animation realistic for all.

Creative Suite

Top Row: based design tools include brushes, text, and shapes.
Middle Row: Animation tools include scenes, asset chest, and animation timeline.
Bottom row: file tools include directory, save, trash, play, and share.


Select from a growing range of brushes, including animated content.
Switch colors easily with color palettes.
Edit opacity, stroke.
Other sections for text & shapes.


Add pre-canned bone structure for instant animation of created content.
Upload audio and animated mouths will adapt.
Ground-breaking animated timeline functionality.
Patent-pending phases significantly reduce production time for animation.
Powerful scenes & chest functionality for cutting-edge animation.

Social Community

Ability to private chat, home/news feeds similar to Facebook & Instagram, notification & following alerts, profiles.
Feeds similar to Facebook & Instagram.
“love”, comment, share, report, save.
Upload photos/videos or create inline content as response to threads.

Social: Inline Responses

Immediate create visual content without missing other updates to thread.
Brushes: brush types, colors, opacity, stroke size.
Text: font types, colors, opacity, size.
Content: pre-designed dodles, photos, etc.

Social: Profile

Lists of followers/following.
Link to personal chat.
Added focus on skills / hiring.
Lists to badges won.
Personal storefront for marketplace content.

Social: Alerts

Notifications shows who is commenting and loving your threads.
Ability to mute threads to avoid too many updates.
Lists of who is following you so you can easily follow them back.

Social: Chat

Similar to Facebook messenger.
Individual or group chat.
Ability to send quick “inline” visual comments.
Ability to posts photos, dodle memes and other quick content response.

Additional Functionality

Manage account settings, preferences & profile.
Badges: earning awards for reaching milestones, revealing parts to animated story.
Help: tutorials & feedback.
Market: buy & sell content, manage subscriptions.
Daily contests for best dodles according to themes.

Millennials Will Love dodles

Early validation testing demonstrated extremely high enthusiasm.
Freemium model gives everyone easy core functionality out of the box.
Open, collaborative p2p marketplace provides instant quality assets and niche creative talent for all.
Already developing great relationships with thousands of owners of comic assets to fill marketplace with purchasable content.

Great For Professionals Also

Faster and cheaper to produce commercial animated content.
Ideal for producing social media shorts on a budget.
Massive animated asset library speeds quality production.
Purchase premium functionality for professional use.
Uniquely situated for faster acquisition of creative talent.
Can greatly enhance a major corporation’s online digital strategy.

Competitive Landscape Is Fragmented

Major social platforms are in early stages of animated capabilities.
Successful, interactive, animated comic book apps are in early stages of technology.
Game development is fairly complex and has not gotten far within mobile-based development.
Apps like scratch and hopscotch attempt similar breadth but with poor technology and difficult ux using a crippling “educational” focus.
Many companies focus on p2p assets, but are geared towards professionals.
Several major social artist communities exist, but not built around a platform this powerful.
Animation apps on mobile are extremely slow and limited, while desktop apps are complex.
New marketing technologies feature more interactive advertisement.

Substantial, Diverse Revenue Streams

Unique p2p asset marketplace will make it the iTunes of animated content, for personal and professional use (licensing fees).
Advertising model similar to Facebook (second phase).
Freemium upgrades, professional version.
Content subscription models for creators (transaction fees).
Ideal for building social campaigns beyond dodles.

dodles Is A Game-Changer

Allows people to express themselves freely, without limitation.
Creates a platform that allows people to succeed based on their unique creative niche.
Allows everyone to tell their stories, jokes, etc by leveraging others’ assets or creating their own.
Is going to make the internet more fun & interesting!

Big Plans Ahead

dodles stands about 85% complete for beta

Kickstarter planned for Feb ’17 to build community

Looking to launch beta Mar ’17

Develop the marketplace during beta

Big plans for post-launch with physics capabilities, music, gaming, animation