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Unlock Your Creative Potential

Our goal is to empower you to unlock your full creative potential using breakthrough innovation in illustration, animation and collaboration.

You Can Create

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Animated Comics


Marketing Content

Digital Greetings

Animated Memes

Social Interactions


Drawings / Sketches




Interactive Scenes


Sound Clips

The Power of Collaboration

When you create and others join in that process, bringing their own unique way to express themselves, the beauty exponentiates. This is one reason that community and collaboration are so powerful.





Scenes & Objects

Photo Editing & Video


Simplified Process

Pre-built “canimations”

Bring Drawings to Life

Revolutionary Timeline

Patentable Breakthroughs


Build on others’ creations

License your assets in market

Share projects

Leverage others’ assets

Create Beauty Together

“Canimate” Your Drawings

Dodles has innovated a simpler method to quickly animate your own characters and drawings. With just a couple of clicks your birthday candles are flickering, your heart is pulsing, your character is talking, and your balloons are floating away or exploding.

Case studies

Licensing Content

The dodles marketplace allows users to license each others’ content for reuse and enhancement according to the pricing and terms the creator establishes. Dodles helps protect intellectual property by establishing and tracking copyright dating.

Create Without Shame

If creativity is missing in your life do some soul searching. Deal with what’s connecting that shame to your heart & move towards freedom. When the soul is free it’s natural expression is creativity.

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